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Eight Surprising Health Benefits of Coffee

benefits of coffee

It seems that most people have heard that anything with caffeine is unhealthy for you, which might be why many adults have stopped drinking coffee as their morning ritual. Although it’s true that drinking too much coffee can make a person jittery or nervous, there are some surprising health benefits to drinking coffee of which most people may not be aware.

1. Coffee and Type 2 Diabetes

The Harvard School of Public Health did a four-year case study that concluded that coffee does increase the plasma levels of globulin, which is a protein sex hormone that controls testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Per the case study data, a mere 1 ½ to 2 cups of coffee each day will lower the risk of type 2 diabetes at least 11%. 

2. Coffee and Parkinson’s

There is no firm data on the benefits of coffee and people with Parkinson’s; however, US researchers are saying that higher levels of coffee and caffeine link to lower incidents of Parkinson. Ask your doctor first if using coffee for this health benefit.

3. Coffee and Liver Cancer

Dr. Carlo La Vecchia, from Milan, did a case study on coffee about liver cancer. His subjects drank 3 cups of coffee per day which lowered the risk of liver cancer by 40%. Drinking this much caffeine could make the average person nervous. There is also proof that people who have substantial alcohol consumption can drink coffee to lower the incidence of cirrhosis of the liver by 22%. This study was done and made public by Kaiser Permanente Care Providers in California.

4. Coffee and Heart Failure

The Harvard School of Public Health went into partnership with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for this study, and it shows that a mere 8 ounces of coffee per day can reduce heart failure risk by 11%. This one sounds easy and quite doable. Just remember that if you metabolize caffeine slowly then drinking coffee may not be safe for you.

5. Coffee and Pain Management

An article in the Journal of Pain magazine suggests that 2 cups of coffee per day can cut your post-workout muscle pain up to 48%. While it doesn’t talk about relief from any other types of pain, if you work out regularly, then this might be of benefit to you.

6. Coffee and Fiber Intake

To live a balanced, healthy life the human body needs anywhere from 20 to 38 fiber grams per day. One way to get part of that daily allowance is through coffee. One cup of coffee has 1.8 grams of fiber to help you reach that daily goal.

7. Coffee and Suicide

The Harvard School of Public Health did a 10-year study on the relationship between coffee and suicide. The problem is it comes at the cost of drinking 4 cups of coffee per day, which is a lot more than the average person would drink. The good news is for the subjects who drank 3 to 4 cups per day the suicide rate dropped by 50%.

8. Coffee and Cavities

n Brazil, researchers did a study on black coffee and its relationship to cavities. Strong black coffee helps to prevent cavities because it kills bacteria. If you put sugar or milk in the coffee, it doesn’t work.

The miracle of coffee is surprising.  Who knew there would be so many health benefits of drinking something we already love. Now that you see there are at least eight ways to use coffee healthily, feel free to drink up.

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