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Diet Food Stuff » 9 Health Benefits of Jalapenos You Should Know

9 Health Benefits of Jalapenos You Should Know

health benefits of jalapenos

You may already know jalapenos for their moderately spicy yet flavorful taste, which is perfect for spicing up your food. But did you know that jalapenos are also quite beneficial for your health?

These peppers are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that benefit your body in many ways, including relieving pain, fighting infections, and preventing cancer cell growth. Besides their taste, this is one lesser-known reason people worldwide love having jalapenos. 

The global jalapeno market is expected to grow to around $108 million by 2028. This rising demand for these healthy peppers isn’t a shocker. 

Please read below to find all the health benefits of jalapenos to make them an essential part of your meals. 

Are Jalapenos Healthy?

You might have had jalapenos in Mexican dishes, but did you know they can be the perfect ingredient in all dishes? Whether you add them to your burgers, noodles, or even soup, jalapenos fire up your food and give a taste to remember. 

However, many people must be aware of the greater good this pepper can do for you. Jalapenos are red or green peppers with magnesium, carotene, fiber, and folate nutrients. Moreover, each pepper contains vitamins A, C, K, and B6. 

Jalapenos also contain an active ingredient called capsaicin. Studies show this component may aid weight lossreduce inflammation, and relieve pain.  

Therefore, if you want your body to feel great, having jalapenos in safe quantities may work wonders. 

All the Health Benefits of Jalapenos to Know 

By including jalapenos in your diet, you can experience a remarkable change in your body with time. Here are some fantastic health benefits of jalapenos. 

Jalapenos are Rich in Nutrients

Did you know that one raw jalapeno contains four calories, 0.4 grams of fiber, vitamin C, B6, A, K, folate, and magnesium? 

Vitamin C in jalapenos can make your skin healthy and fight against free radicals in your body. Similarly, vitamin B6 is significant in more than 140 bodily reactions

Another unique compound found in this pepper is known as capsaicin. This alkaloid makes this pepper spicy while being responsible for its multiple health benefits. 

These Peppers Can Help You Lose Weight

Jalapenos may help elevate your metabolism rate, quickly increasing weight loss. According to research, capsaicin can boost your metabolism by 5% daily, helping you reach your weight goals faster than you can imagine.

If you are consistent with your jalapeno intake, you may significantly reduce the risk of gaining weight. 

However, if weight loss is your ultimate aim, you may need more than just jalapenos. You should also work out, sleep right, and eat well to achieve your desired healthy body weight. 

Jalapenos May Help You Fight Cancer

This is a lesser-known benefit of jalapenos but indeed a remarkable one. The capsaicin in these peppers has solid anti-cancer properties that may kill more than 40 cancer cells at a time without hurting your body. 

The substance does this job by stopping the division and growth of the cells, slowing the performance of cancer tumors, and preventing the spread of cancer in your body. 

While this fact looks promising, the dose of jalapenos enormously creates a significant outcome. For example, a study shows that a high dose of jalapenos may fight cancer while a low dose might spread it. 

Therefore, it is always wise to consult your doctor first to determine whether a substance and its quantity are beneficial for your body.

Eating Jalapenos Might Relieve Your Pain

The capsaicin in jalapenos may relieve pain. Research shows that this substance is especially effective when used externally. 

Here is how it works:

  • Capsaicin blocks the pain receptors in areas for a short time when applied.
  • You may initially feel a slight burning. 
  • This is then followed by numbness and absence of pain. 

The substance is present in lotions, creams, and sprays that can be applied to the body. All these products are often effective in treating pain

However, it is still being determined whether capsaicin in jalapenos performs in the same manner. More studies and research are required to prove that.

Jalapenos May Save You From Stomach Ulcers 

Do you know what causes a stomach ulcer? A high stomach acid, intake of alcohol, smoking, and stress are some of the reasons that lead to this health issue. 

However, the good news is that capsaicin in jalapenos may prevent the ulcer from forming in your stomach in the first place. It may achieve this by reducing stomach inflammation and killing the infection. 

However, it has yet to be proven that the amount of capsaicin in jalapenos is enough to do this job. Moreover, we are still trying to figure out how many jalapenos a day can help prevent ulcers from forming. 

Take Jalapenos to Fight Infections 

You may have heard your parents or grandparents suggest you use certain spices in food to prevent food poisoning or spoilage. That’s because some peppers can slow down the growth of yeast and other food-borne bacteria. 

The same is the case with jalapenos. As per a study, extracts of jalapenos in your food may stop the cholera and other bacteria from spreading in your body. 

Similarly, capsaicin may help prevent health issues like tooth decay and strep throat. 

Again, the number of jalapenos needed to achieve this health benefit is set to be determined. However, with the guidance of your health consultant, you can use the peppers that best suit your body. 

These Peppers May Support Your Heart Health

Jalapenos are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that help keep your heart’s performance as smooth as possible. 

In fact, according to a study, consuming five grams of jalapenos or any other chili pepper before a heavy meal might stabilize blood sugar levels. 

Although no solid study has yet been conducted on humans, research on animals shows that capsaicin may reduce blood pressure by calming the vessels. Additionally, it might also reduce lipid levels in animals

Jalapenos May Strengthen Your Immunity 

Jalapenos are rich in vitamin C, which is considered a powerful antioxidant. It helps increase the performance of your immune system, making your body’s defense system more vital than ever. This allows you to fight against most illnesses using proper medication. 

Vitamin C is also a potent antioxidant. It supports collagen synthesis in your system. At the same time, it maintains the condition of your bones, blood vessels, and muscles. 

These Peppers May Help You Live a Long Life

Research shows that people who eat peppers such as jalapenos face a 12% reduced risk of death. This might be because capsaicin prevents weight gain and promotes a better blood flow. 

Do Jalapenos Have Any Side Effects? 

If you are convinced about using jalapenos in your food, you are on the right track. However, before you start consuming this pepper, ensure you know about certain side effects that you may face. 

For example, jalapenos may give you a burning sensation when you put them in your mouth. You can reduce this uncomfortable feeling by drinking milk as quickly as possible. 

Alternatively, you can consume a less spicy jalapeno without the small brown lines on it. Moreover, it would help if you preferred wearing gloves when handling this pepper for your safety. 

You must avoid the proper if you already suffer from several digestive issues. Some studies suggest that capsaicin may cause irritable bowel syndrome in a few people. 

Eating Jalapenos the Right Way

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of jalapenos in the best possible way, follow the tips below while eating them. 

  • Wash the peppers properly before using them. Make sure you use your gloves to do the job, as the insides of the pepper may irritate your nose, mouth, and eyes. 
  • If you can’t handle the pepper’s spiciness, cut it and soak it in salt water for 30 minutes before consuming it. 
  • To ensure your fresh jalapenos last long, wrap them properly in a paper towel before storing them in your refrigerator. 

Depending on your preference, you can eat jalapenos raw, cooked, dried, or smoked. This pepper can be consumed in all forms without losing its integral ingredients during smoking or drying. 

Jalapenos can be added to salads, cooked in your main dishes, blended into smoothies, or baked with various egg dishes. In every case, these peppers elevate the taste of your food while benefiting your health. 

Wrapping Up

Jalapenos are nutritious and versatile, making them perfect to enjoy any way you want. If you love spices, these peppers can elevate the flavor and benefits of your meal. 

Having them in the correct quantity can make a massive difference in your heart health, immunity, and body weight. They may also help relieve pain, reduce infections, and fight cancer cells. 

Just make sure that you consult your doctor before adding jalapenos to your diet. If you already take certain medicines, knowing whether having these peppers is worth it is imperative. Similarly, avoiding jalapenos might be a good decision if you have serious digestion issues. 

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